The word ‘Gardens’ is like an umbrella that covers an array of shapes and designs. Contemporary gardens are the most common and this in turn branches out into traditional, modern, urban, courtyard, roof, raised, cottage and vegetable gardens, etc.

Big stately gardens with their variety of small areas show us how we can achieve a bite size piece of tranquillity or the pizazz of wild abandon in our own gardens. The secret is how, and sometimes you just need the assistance and vision of an expert with an eye for design. It’s all about positioning features and furniture in between the planting which results in magic on the eye.

Butterfly gardens and mini wildlife havens provide stimulus that provide us with a great sense of wellbeing. In fact, interacting with the sights, sounds and smells created in the garden are proven to aid patient rehabilitation, teach valuable life skills to children and help our seniors to regain a sense of self and pride. The satisfaction and benefit of growing what you eat and the peace haven that your garden provides cannot be overstated. Whether your garden is big, small, raised or potted your dream is achievable.

For more information on any of the individual garden styles below, please click on the image itself.


A contemporary garden can be a beautiful addition to your home or place of work. This style of garden is defined using 'clean' design lines, with the focus on hard landscaping materials like stone, hardwood and rendered walls.

Planting style is bold but simple with the use of 'drifts' of one or two plants that repeat throughout the design.

BOS have the expert skills and machinery to work on creating your dream space.


Borders filled with traditional cottage garden plants, oozing with scents, nectar and seeds for the birds and the bees. A patio to allow for more expansive entertaining.

A curved stepping stone path beneath scented, climber-clad arches leading to a small circular seating area - for a relaxing change to being indoors.

The quintessential chocolate box garden, all come from subtle hard landscaping with lots of soft boarders.

Meandering paths, rose beds, wild flower areas, orchards and small vegetable plots are all part of the cottage garden and traditional garden images.


Kitchen gardens, if required, will blend with almost any other garden style. They can be very small areas with planting in raised areas between plants or laid on their own in a designated area.

Those who want self-sufficient gardens will be surprised at how easy this can be achieved with careful planning and selective planting.

Small grafted trees with multi crops, trellised and trained bushes, trees and climbers make use of many unused spaces. Not to mention, the pride you feel growing your own crops that are far tastier and more nutritious than bought greens.

Wild flowers, butterfly friendly plants and bees make this a vibrant standalone area or a colourful addition to another part of the garden


Beautiful enclosed areas can be stunning whether big or small, sunlit or shaded. We pride ourselves in transforming your space to your exact needs, a courtyard or smaller garden is a challenge our design team relish.

We realise that every inch of space must work hard for you, so our experts will take the time to listen to your requirements before designing and delivering your very own perfect outdoor space. A tailor-made service from start to finish with the design, build, award-winning planting and after care maintenance. Protecting your investment is our pleasure and privilege.


A sensory garden is an exciting and worthwhile project that provides limitless opportunities for creating a personal haven. Being surrounded by colours, scents and gentle noises relieves stress and brings peace and calm into otherwise busy lives.

For people with physical and mental challenges a sensory garden opens a whole new world of exploration and discovery, with pleasurable memories of past or present to sooth a troubled mind and stimulate creativity. Young inquiring minds find excitement and enchantment in the hidden wonders and the avid gardener can reap the benefits of the healing plants. Just like days of old when healing potions were conjured up over a caldron by a gnarled old medicine woman, we can now use those same herbs and wild plants to heal different ailments.


Exciting play areas, parks, meandering paths, verges, woods and open fields encourage and inspire us all to be more active which is crucial for health and well-being. At BOS we have experienced professionals that have delivered many unique school playground schemes, public gardens and courtyards.

Our award-winning design team will work closely with you to offer a full consultation and design package tailored to your company or your personal needs.