Late Summer Planting

As majority of British gardens peak in May and June it’s now time to start thinking about late summer planting. A new colour palette of autumnal flowers and foliage can help to keep gardens looking stunning until late October.

A wide range of hardy, autumn flowering Perennials can help keep your garden alive. Here are our top five, all of them are AGM (Award of Garden Merit) winners, assuring reliability, widely available and perfect for normal garden use.

Chrysanthemum ‘Mei-kyo’ is possibly the most manageable and prettiest Chrysanthemum. With small foliage this neat, somewhat twiggy plant, produces flowers in a pale pinky purple throughout the autumn months and grows to approx. 60cm.

Aster × frikartii ‘Mönch’ is a wonderful, sun loving perennial, with a gentle lavender blue and yellow flower it is neat yet elegant. It’s good for cutting and looks amazing amongst grasses and sedums. The colour can vary slightly with different growing conditions, it’s resistant to mildew and grows up to around 90cm.

Hedychium ‘Tara’ is an autumn flowering, ornamental ginger. An imposing plant that grows approx. 2m tall, with heads of orangey-red fragrant flowers and lance shaped foliage it looks impressive in most gardens. It flourishes in soil that is highly fertile and has good drainage but may need protection in cold areas over the winter months.

Anemone × hybrida ‘Honorine Jobert’ with its amazing golden colour and ability to thrive in partial shade, drawing more attention to the brilliant colour from August through till October. These grow to 1.2m and must have room to spread and if you want to move your plant you can expect new shoots even after the move.

Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’ is a wonderful plant with peppermint-scented leaves and a violet-blue flower that is great for attracting butterflies. It loves a sunny spot and requires good drainage and, in those conditions, grows around 1m and will flower until October.