We are proud to provide a bespoke personal service in creating your dream garden. The experience, skill and qualifications available within our team will allow you to access the best service and advice in the field, at a price you can afford. Inspiration, aspiration and implementation – you will be guided through the process from start to finish and be the key to the garden you desire.

  • Design and planning – by the BOS inhouse designers and access to selected specialised designers.
  • Hard Landscaping - driveways, pathways, walls and raised beds.
  • Soft landscaping - planting, raised beds, lawns, arbours and tree management etc.
  • Regeneration and clearance - bring new life into tired areas in older gardens.
  • Wicked Wood - quirky wooden structures, bespoke and handmade.
  • Cart Lodges - bespoke made wooden extensions, summerhouses, man caves and craft rooms, the possibilities are endless.
  • Structural - ponds, pools, green houses and garden features ordered to plan through a selection of suppliers and local bespoke crafters.

Scroll down and you will find a summary of each category along with accompanying images. If you know the service category you're after and want more details, click on the relevant image link immediately below.


Because of the sheer amount of hard landscaping, integrated features, lighting and water features involved in a contemporary garden, design is vitally important. In fact, it’s more of a design job first, and then a planning job.

First you need to decide what kind of garden style you want and then what the space will be used for, what you need in the garden and where to put everything. There are many decisions about what materials, shapes, structures, lighting, water features or plants to use. Careful consideration of all these factors will determine your success.


At BOS we are passionate about our plants, our team of trained and award-winning horticulturists love the softer side of landscaping. Our motto, “right plant, right place,” is only surpassed by our beloved war cry, “a penny for the plant and a shilling for the hole.” The secret is in the soil! With thorough soil preparation and correct plant choice for the environmental conditions, you will be amazed at the results after only a short space of time. It is important you have a team with the knowledge, passion and confidence to deliver and create the living element of the design.

Our soft landscaping service includes, planting of trees and shrubs starting from 3ltr pots, bare root, mature trees, semi mature trees, water plants, wild flower turf and kitchen garden vegetables.


Patios, drives, pergolas, arches, water features and ponds are but a few of the special features used to enhance your front or back garden, with breath-taking results.

We pride ourselves in being able to design and build an extensive range of outdoor living features. From large or small earthmoving projects to sight clearance, renovation, water feature excavation and dredging. As well as this, our skilled, experienced and dedicated team offer full garden restoration, building, construction, paving, surfacing, planting and maintenance. A consultation with our award-winning design team will assure you that your dream outdoor space can be a reality.


A cart lodge turned into a man cave or craft shed, a summer house for family tea gatherings or just a space close to nature for a bit of peace and contemplation, these structures come in many shapes and sizes to enjoy away from your busy home.

Fountains, orbs and ponds, can be big or small, formal or rustic, but graceful ambling water features all come into the realms of outdoor structures.

Barbeques and the larger out- door kitchens for those who entertain alfresco style, will extend your home into the outdoors. These spaces entice family and friends, be it an undercover extension or a standalone culinary experience. Whatever your vision the BOS team will help to create your ideal space. No area is too large or too small to be unique using an array of creative structural elements the possibilities are endless depending on the budget available.


Water in the garden can be presented in shallow pools that add a calm and reflective quality, or modern water features that are strategically positioned to make a statement.

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are integrated into hard landscaping and used as social focal points just as they are in the home.

Architectural canopies add to the indoor-outdoor vibe and a modern pergola or an asymmetric sail awning gives shade in the summer and year-round shelter. Depending on how much space you’ve got and what you want to use your garden for, there are a few more substantial structures you could include.

Modern arbours can add a sculptural focal point for intimate family gatherings or sophisticated social gatherings. They are ideal as a garden office or studio if you work from home and of course you could also turn it into an outdoor bar or built-in barbecue.